The Plextor M8V SATA SSD Review: Toshiba 3D TLC In a Mainstream Drive

Today we’re taking a look at Plextor’s M8V SSD. This is their latest entry-level SATA SSD and the first SATA drive from Plextor to use 64-layer 3D TLC NAND flash memory. Based around Silicon Motion’s┬ámainstream SM2258 controller and paired with Toshiba’s 64L 3D TLC, this is our first look at Toshiba’s newest NAND when paired with a more powerful controller. And, as we’ll see in our test results, while the M8V may officially be an entry-level drive, in practice it’s plenty cable of punching well above its weight, making it a surprising contendor versus current top-tier SATA drives.