Here’s the fake noise the Jaguar I-Pace makes when you hit the throttle


Jaguar’s first all-electric car, the I-Pace, will go on sale a little later this year. But thanks to Roadshow, which is among the press currently attending a “first drive” junket for the I-Pace in Portugal, we now know what the I-Pace sounds like.

Picture this. You’re cruising up the Pacific Coast Highway in your shiny new I-Pace on the way to some fancy cliffside restaurant, but you wind up caught behind some mope spewing toxic fumes out the back of some gas-guzzling beater. So you signal, move to the left, and hammer on the throttle. Here’s what you’ll be met with:

Since electric cars don’t get their power from lots of little explosions, like gas engines, they tend to be silent — almost eerily so, in some cases. But that’s going to…

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