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Apple reportedly buys AI startup with privacy-conscious approach

<em>Apple’s approach to AI development has focused on on-device analysis. </em>” src=”×1360/1310×873/”></p>
<p id=Apple has reportedly acquired Silk Labs, a little-known startup which focused on building on-device machine learning software.

The purchase, which took place earlier this year according to The Information, would be a natural fit for Apple’s privacy-centric approach to AI. After an unsuccessful foray into the smart home, Silk Labs developed on-device machine learning services. This means processing data without sending it to the cloud — a method that Apple has also preferred.

Silk Labs itself is not a familiar name in tech. The company was cofounded by former Mozilla CTO Andreas Gal and launched only one product: an “intelligent camera and hub for your smart home” name Sense. The hub was stylish and well-designed, and intended to…

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