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Over-the-air update strands NIO electric car on a highway in China

<em>NIO’s ES8 SUV outside the New York Stock Exchange on the day the company went public in the US.</em>” src=”×1360/1310×873/”></p>
<p id=One of EV startup NIO’s cars got stuck on a highway in China on Wednesday after the driver triggered an over-the-air software update, according to Bloomberg and the South China Morning Post. The driver, who was testing the car, and a NIO representative were wading through Beijing’s notorious traffic when the update was triggered. They wound up inside for “more than an hour” after the process began, SCMP says.

The NIO representative who was stuck in the car said on Chinese social media site Weibo that “[p]olice officers came, one group after another, yet we could not even wind the window down,” according to SCMP.

NIO apologized on Weibo, according to Bloomberg. The company said in a post it will “optimize” the confirmation process for…

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