Philips Launches Gaming Peripheral Brand in the US

Philips and 3B Tech this week have begun to sell Philips-branded computer peripherals in the USA. The lineup of products includes relatively inexpensive keyboards and mice aimed at gamers and featuring appropriate aesthetics like RGB backlighting. Philips-branded keyboards and mice have been available in China for a while, and now they are formally available in the USA

At present, Amazon sells 13 Philips-branded peripherals: wired or wireless keyboards, mice, and combos. All of the products are aimed at gamers and carry either entry-level or mainstream price tags. Numerous keyboards feature mechanical switches, which are rare in these segments, which will attract attention of those who want quality tactile feedback, but aren’t necessarily looking for a premium-priced device.

The top-of-the-range Philips-trademarked keyboard currently on sale is the SPK8614. The unit uses custom “Blue” switches that are either made by Philips, or are produced by a switch maker specially for the brand’s keyboards. The switches feature a 2-mm actuation and require 60G/58.8 CN of force. The keyboard also has a detachable wrist rest, Ambiglow Chroma FX RGB accent lighting, customizable key lightmaps, media controls as well as an aluminum top plate. The Philips SPK8614 keyboard is now available from Amazon for $39.99.

The most advanced Philips-branded gaming mouse sold officially in the USA is the SPK9413, which is equipped with a 2,400-DPI optical sensor and features a 500 Hz polling. The mouse has six programmable buttons as well as Ambiglow RGB breathing light effects. The product is sold for $16.99 at Amazon. Meanwhile, Newegg also offers an advanced Momentum SPK9842 mouse featuring a 16,400 DPI laser sensor, seven programmable buttons, and RGB lights. The product can be ordered via Newegg from China for $96.09.

Being among the best-known high-tech brands, Philips produces a variety of products and also licenses its name to third parties for goods that it does not make itself. This is exactly the case with the peripherals carrying the trademark: the products are made by Shenzhen Youyuan Hongye Electronic based in China that holds an appropriate license. Previously, these devices officially were available only in China, but now the company is expanding their availability to other markets.

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Source: Philips/3B Tech