Goke Unveils Toshiba XL-Flash-Based NVMe SSDs: Ultra-Low Latency

Goke Microelectronics has introduced its new NVMe SSDs based on Toshiba’s XL-Flash NAND memory. The new drives are aimed at applications that require an ultra-low latency as well as high reliability and availability.

Based on Goke’s proprietary 2311 controller and Toshiba’s XL-Flash NAND SLC flash memory, the company’s 2311-series SSDs feature capacities of up to 4 TB and promise to offer a 4K random read latency of less than 15 μs (an under 20μs was hit by prototype drives and the manufacturer plans to improve that) as well as a maximum sustained read/write bandwidth of up to 3/1 GB/s. When it comes to security, the controller supports SM2/3/4 and SHA-256/AES-256.

Goke’s 2311-series SSDs are the industry’s second family of drives (announced so far) featuring Toshiba’s XL-Flash 128 Gb XL (16 planes, 4 KB page sizes). This type of memory promises to significantly reduce read latency when compared to TLC 3D NAND based SSDs: from  20μs all the way to 15 μs in case of Gecko’s upcoming drives (or to 5 μs in an ideal case, based on Toshiba’s estimates).

Goke plans to start production of its 2311-series SSDs powered by Toshiba’s XL-Flash NAND memory sometimes in 2020. As the drives are aimed at select applications only, the maker does not disclose their pricing as it will depend on configuration and volumes.

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Source: Goke Microelectronics