Intel Trims Cascade Lake Xeon Scalable Lineup

Intel this week initiated end-of-life plan for two of its 2nd Generation Xeon Scalable (Cascade Lake) processors, possibly in a bid to reduce the number of SKUs in the new family. The CPUs in question are the Xeon Gold 6222 as well as Xeon Gold 6262 and Intel recommends to use different versions of these products instead.

Intel’s 20-core Xeon Gold 6222 (1.80/3.60 GHz, 27.5 MB cache) and 24-core Xeon Gold 6262 (1.9/3.6 GHz, 33 MB cache) processors with two UPI links were not officially a part of the Cascade Lake family introduced in April and were probably available to select customers only. Meanwhile, Intel’s lineup did include the Xeon Gold 6222V and Xeon Gold 6262V products that featured the same specification in terms of core count, frequency, cache size, TDP, and other, but had three UPI links to enable more versatile 4P configurations. In fact, according to Intel’s ARK database, the CPUs even carry the same tray pricing as the V counterparts.

Intel Xeon Scalable 6222 & 6262 Vs. 6222V & 6262V
  Cores Base
Xeon Gold 6200
6262 V 24 1.9 3.6 33.0 135 Yes 3 $2900
6262   24 1.9 3.6 33.0 135 Yes 2 $2900
6222 V 20 1.8 3.6 27.5 115 Yes 3 $1600
6222   20 1.8 3.6 27.5 115 Yes 2 $1600

By EOLing the Xeon Gold 6222 and Xeon Gold 6262 CPUs, Intel reduces pressure on its manufacturing network as it no longer has to disable an additional UPI link inside these chips or even find silicon that has a broken UPI interface. Ultimately, having fewer SKUs is easier to manage.

Those Intel customers who need the Xeon Gold 6222 and Xeon Gold 6262 processors are advised to place their orders by December 27, 2019. The final CPUs will be shipped by November 6, 2020. Meanwhile, the Xeon Gold 6222V and Xeon Gold 6262V will continue to ship onwards.

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Source: Intel