Intel Recalls Quad Core Xeon CPU Because of Inadequate Stock Cooler

Intel this week recalled one of its boxed processors because the bundled cooling system the company supplied was insufficient and the CPU may not have performed as intended. For any Intel partners with stock, this specific chip is being recalled and those who need the chip are recommended to use a tray/OEM version which does not come bundled with a cooler and thus use your own.

The processor in question is the boxed quad-core Xeon E-2274G (Coffee Lake) with a TDP of 83 W. The boxed CPU was supplied with Intel’s DHA-A heatsink (PN: E97378-003) that apparently cannot cool down the chip is all types of its use cases, which is why Intel now has to recall it. The cooling system has been used by Intel for CPUs with an 84 W TDP since at least 2013, which makes the whole recall bizarre.

Intel’s distributors are advised to return existing inventory of the boxed Xeon E-2274G product and get a tray version instead. It is unclear whether Intel intends to release a new boxed version of its Xeon E-2274G processor with a new cooler, but for now the company recommends to use tray version of the chip with a proper third-party cooling device.

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Source: Intel
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