AMD Launches Ultra-Low-Power Ryzen Embedded APUs: Starting at 6W

While it doesn’t get the same attention as their high-profile mobile, desktop, or server CPU offerings, AMD’s embedded division is an important fourth platform for the chipmaker. To that end, this week the company is revealing its lowest-power Ryzen processors ever, with a new series of embedded chips that are designed for use in ultra-compact commercial and industrial systems.

The chips in question are the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1102G and the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1305G SoCs. These parts feature a 6 W or a configurable 8 W – 10 W TDP, respectively. Both SoCs feature two Zen cores with or without simultaneous multithreading, AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics, 1 MB L2 cache, 4 MB L3 cache, a single channel or a dual-channel memory controller, and two 10 GbE ports.

AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000-Series APUs
AnandTech Cores
Ryzen Embedded R1606G 2C / 4T 2600 3500 1MB 4MB 192 1200 Dual Channel
with ECC
12W – 25W
Ryzen Embedded R1505G 2C / 4T 2400 3300 1MB 4MB 192 1000 Dual Channel
with ECC
12W – 25W
Ryzen Embedded R1305G 2C / 4T 1500 2800 1MB 4MB 192 1000 Dual Channel 8W – 10W
Ryzen Embedded R1102G 2C / 2T 1200 2600 1MB 4MB 192 1000 Single Channel with ECC 6W

AMD says that a low TDP and reduced number of supported DIMMs (in case of the R1102G) enable system makers to simplify their designs and make them cheaper as compared to machines that run AMD’s higher performing and higher TDP Ryzen Embedded processors.

AMD’s first customers to use the Ryzen Embedded R1102G and the Ryzen Embedded R1305G SoCs will be Kontron, which has a scalable D3713-V/R Mini-ITX platform, and Simply NUC, which has its Red Oak miniature PC. Other makers may get a 4×4 motherboard from Sapphire based on AMD’s new Ryzen Embedded R1000-series APUs.

Both ultra-low-power AMD Ryzen Embedded APUs will be available for the next 10 years, meaning availability will stretch all the way till 2030.

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Source: AMD