EVGA Launches B5 Modular PSUs: 80Plus Bronze At Up to 850 W

EVGA this week has introduced a new family of entry-level, 80Plus power supplies. Promise to bring together strong performance, a rich feature set, and a relatively low price, EVGA’s modular B5-series PSUs are designed to tick all of the boxes expected for a basic PSU in 2020.

The EVGA B5-series PSU family includes 550 W, 650 W, 750 W, and 850 W models, and are compliant with the latest ATX12 v2.52/EPS12V specifications. Fully modular, the most powerful SKU has six 8-pin PCIe power connectors, the 750 W model features four 8-pin PCIe power plugs, the 650 W flavor has three, whereas the entry 550 W model has two 8-pin PCIe power connectors. Obviously, the PSUs have SATA as well as Molex plugs too. The new power supplies correspond to the 80Plus Bronze requirements, so they are they are mandated to be 81% – 88% efficient under a 20% or 50% load as well as 81% – 85% efficient under a 100% load.

EVGA’s latest B5-series PSUs use 100% Japanese capacitors on 750 W and 850 W models (and some on less powerful SKUs), and feature an no-fan/ECO mode that shuts down the 135-mm fluid-dynamic bearing fan under low and medium loads. In addition, the power supplies feature a comprehensive set of protection technologies that includes OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection), and OTP (Over Temperature Protection).

EVGA B5-Series PSUs Output Specifications
  550 W 650 W 750 W 850W
Rated Combined Rated Combined Rated Combined Rated Combined
+3.3V 24 A 120 W 24 A 120 W 24 A 120 W 24 A 120 W
+5V 24 A 24 A 24 A 24 A
+12V 45.8 A 550 W 54.1 A 650 W 62.5 A 750 W 70.8 A  850 W
-12V 0.5 A 6 W 0.5 A 6 W 0.5 A 6 W 0.5 A 6 W
+5Vsb 3 A 15 W 3 A 15 W 3 A 15 W 3 A 15 W
Total Power 550 W 650 W 750 W 850 W

EVGA’s B5-series power supplies measure 150x50x86 mm, which is pretty typical for mid-capacity PSUs, so they should easily fit into virtually any standard ATX case. And as mentioned earlier, the PSUs are fully modular, so they provide additional flexibility to system builders.

NZXT C-Series PSUs Connectivity Specifications
Connector type 550 W 650 W 750 W 850 W
ATX 24 Pin 1
EPS 4+4 Pin 1 2
EPS 8 Pin
PCIe 6+2 Pin 2 3 4 6
SATA 6 9
4P Molex 3
Floppy 1

EVGA’s B5-series PSUs are immediately available directly from the company. The cheapest model, the 550 W version, is priced at $79.99, whereas the most powerful 850 W SKU is priced at $129.99. The power supplies are covered by a five-year warranty, which is typical for inexpensive PSUs.

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Source: EVGA