AMD Shipped 260 Million Zen Cores by 2020

Today’s Financial Analyst Day 2020 from AMD is full of small nuggets of information. With the company  building its foundation on its new x86 Zen high-performance architecture, keeping track of the finances is a good marker to find out how well its products are doing. Another marker is how many chips are in the wild. To that end, AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster presented this graph:

Since the launch of the first Zen products in 2017, the company states that it has shipped 260,000,000 Zen cores to date. It is worth noting that this is cores, not chips, and so there’s a mix of everything from 2-core to 64-core products in there. But this counts consumer, enterprise, commercial, and mobile products. With the launch of the Zen 2 based consoles later this year, this number is expected to shoot up by a significant margin.

Side reading this graph, we get the following numbers:

2017-2018: ~30m cores
2018-2019: 80m cores (~110m total)
2019-2020: 150m cores (~260m total)

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