Best Motherboards: Q1 2020

Catching up on the state of motherboards for the quarter, the first part of 2020 has been very quiet. Overall, only a handful of new motherboards have been released, and none of which are particularly notable, as motherboard launches are increasingly centered around new platform launches from Intel/AMD. Which isn’t to say that Q1 has been a complete snooze; we did see the Threadripper 3990X launch, but those motherboards were already in the market.

The upshot, at least, is that Q2 looks to be a busy period. Barring the very real possibility of Coronavirus-related delays, this quarter should see Intel unveil its Z490 chipset for its Comet Lake desktop processors, while AMD will have its more budget-orientated B550 chipset. So Q2 is going to be a busy quarter for motherboard vendors. With that in mind, here are our recommended picks for the Q1 2020 period.