Powercolor goes ITX with RX 5600 XT for $299

Small cards and small systems are always exciting to see, especially if there’s an avenue to create a nice PC within a small volume at multiple price points. There are a number of angles to go with this, from the silent runner all the way up to the overstated ‘look-at-me’ RGB custom builds that appear as part of marketing presentations at trade shows. It still requires having access to a good number of components in that form factor, which includes smaller and smaller graphics cards. The ‘ITX’ graphics card is part of that, going for a 17nm design that fits into any mini-ITX build (or with a riser cable, only just above the CPU slot), and Powercolor is launching its new RX 5600 XT option.

This new AXRX 5600 ITX 6GBD6-2DH GPU, set to retail at $299 from today, is 175mm in length and offers three video outputs: one HDMI and two DisplayPort connections. The dual slot card has three heatpipes and an unassuming façade – the GPU underneath is standard RX 5600 XT faire, with 2304 SPs, a 1355 MHz base clock, a 1560 MHz ‘game’ clock, and a boost clock up to 1620 MHz. The 8 GB of memory is rated at 14 Gbps, up from the 12 Gbps reference design, and the GPU supports PCIe 4.0 connectivity. It requires one 8-pin connector, and Powercolor recommends a minimum 500W power supply.