Nintendo is adding four retro titles to the NES and SNES Switch Online libraries

Ever since Nintendo added SNES games to the Nintendo Switch Online service, the cadence for new additions has slowed down significantly. Three months after the last update, Nintendo has now announced the four “new” retro titles that will be added to the service this month.

Out of the four titles being added, three are for the SNES library, but unfortunately, they’re not particularly popular games. First, there’s Panel de Pon, a tile-matching puzzle game. This one might be notable because the title released outside of Japan with the title Tetris Attack, featuring various Nintendo characters instead of the original fairies in the Japanese version. It looks like Nintendo is releasing the original Japanese version for everyone this time around.

Another SNES game being added is Wild Guns, a 2D shooting gallery game where players face off against a multitude of enemies, and it supports multiplayer, too. The game has been remastered as Wild Guns Reloaded and is also available on the Switch, but this can be a way to get acquainted with the original first. Finally, there’s Operation Logic Bomb, an action game that plays in a top-down perspective.

For the NES library, the only new game is Rygar, a side-scrolling platformer that was originally developed for arcade systems. The title has been re-released in the past, but this could be an easier way to try it.

All of these titles will be available next week on May 20, and you’ll need to update the NES and SNES Switch Online apps on the Switch for them to show up.