SharpApp 0.42.1

SharpApp is a free and portable tool building upon a PowerShell engine and community powered script files for disabling telemetry functions in Windows 10, uninstalling preinstalled apps, installing software packages and automating Windows tasks with integrated PowerShell scripting.

SharpApp is a frontend to various PowerShell scripts that will automate the process of uninstalling preinstalled apps (debloating), disabling various Windows 10 telemetry features, and quickly installing a variety of useful applications.

SharpApp key features:

  • Integrated “Modern Policy Editor” (equivalent to Local Group Policy Editor) based upon Powershell objects (individual and bundled scripts/templates)
  • Provides privacy templates for beginners, advanced and professionals.
  • Builds upon a PowerShell engine, which is transparent for everyone
  • Removes Windows 10 preinstalled and sponsored apps
  • Blocks IP addresses of telemetry via hosts file and firewall
  • Features community powered and trending script files (check also the Marketplace)
  • Customizable (no hard-coded scripts)
  • Support for Ninite service, which allows you to download and install more than 70 popular apps for Windows.
  • Modern and familiar UI
  • Minimalist (UWP alike)
  • Small footprint. No installation required (Portable)
  • Easy to use
  • 100% free (please donate if you like it)
  • Requires Windows 10 including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Don’t forget to check SharpApp’s Marketplace for more scripts files and templates

SharpApp 0.42.1 changelog:

  • Replaced Ninite Installer service (~70 apps) against the new Microsoft Windows Package Manager (Preview release) which lists currently over 250 apps . It allows you to create and install packages and to export Powershell installation scripts). Download here.
  • The new winget caused a bug in opening settings panel

Download: SharpApp 0.42.1 | 80.8 KB (Freeware)
Links: Home Page | GitHub Project Page | SharpApp Screenshot

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