Print.Test.Page.OK is an alternative Test Page print program for Windows

Print.Test.Page.OK is a tiny program for Microsoft Windows devices that provides alternate means to print test pages on the system. Test page printing is usually done to verify that printers are set up and configured correctly; they may highlight issues, e.g. general printing problems, problems associated with colored printing, or alignment issues among other things.

Windows includes options to print a test page but offers no customization options. One of Print.Test.Page.OK’s features is the ability to add custom text, fonts, and colors to the print test page.

The program is provided as a portable version and installer. Just download the 169 Kilobyte (32-bit) or 219 Kilobyte (64-bit) archive to the system, extract it, and run it afterwards.

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The interface lists configuration options and a preview of the printout. Select one of the available sample print test pages from the menu in the top left corner. The preview changes automatically when you modify settings. The default test page displays information about the printer, a color gradient, and custom text.

You can change the two colors of the gradient (which only apply to one of the presets and not all), type any text you like, or change font and font parameters. The ability to add custom text is useful as you may add any type of text to see how it is printed (including symbols and custom characters).

The remaining presets focus on color print outs; just select them and hit the print button to print a test page. Note that the customization options, e.g. the custom test string, are displayed all the time in the interface while they are not used in most of the test print pages.

Print.Test.Page.OK displays buttons that link to the printer and page setup, and there is a button to switch between landscape and portrait mode.

Closing Words

Print.Test.Page.OK is a tiny program for Windows devices that comes with a set of pages for print tests; some of these can be customized by specifying custom test or colors. The program is compatible with all supported and several unsupported versions of Windows including Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP as well as Windows Server versions from Windows Server 2000 onward.

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