Hot Chips 2020 Live Blog: Intel/Barefoot Tofino2 12.9 Tbps Switch (10:30am PT)

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01:55PM EDT – Can use switches for streaming aggregation

01:54PM EDT – Total time to train involves compute + network traffic – network traffic is not insignificant

01:54PM EDT – Such as DNN

01:53PM EDT – Also application-based acceleration for networking

01:52PM EDT – Lowers latency and flows completion time significantly

01:52PM EDT – This concept has already been showcased by Alibaba

01:51PM EDT – Monitoring and control

01:51PM EDT – Can see where the microcongestion is on the network

01:49PM EDT – Need intelligent change detector

01:49PM EDT – Maybe don’t need to add info to every packet

01:49PM EDT – Add metadata to a packet as the switch goes through switches, metadata stripped at last hop

01:48PM EDT – Deep Insight software by Barefoot can do metrics on packet flow and adjust the programmability in the network as needed to ensure QoS

01:47PM EDT – This is the beauty of programmability

01:47PM EDT – Most switches don’t enable the following questions to be answered

01:47PM EDT – (going through an animation as an example)

01:45PM EDT – With a programmable switch, the use case depends on the software

01:44PM EDT – Can be used with Silicon Photonics

01:43PM EDT – Fully unified, fully flexible, non-blocking buffer

01:42PM EDT – Traffic Manager is like a 25000-bit wide memory accessed at 1 GHz

01:42PM EDT – (Surely next gen is EMIB then, if Barefoot is now Intel?)

01:41PM EDT – Custom BoW interdie interface

01:41PM EDT – Multi-die package 2.5D CoWoS

01:40PM EDT – PCIe 3.0 x4

01:40PM EDT – Better QoS, better perf/watt

01:40PM EDT – 6 billion packets/sec, 12.9 Tb/s

01:40PM EDT – Built on TSMC 7nm

01:40PM EDT – Doubled down the programmability – double the capability

01:40PM EDT – Introducing Tofino2

01:39PM EDT – Can this be repeated and scaled?

01:39PM EDT – Tofino was better than competitor fixed function silicon

01:39PM EDT – This produced Tofino in 16nm, 6.5 Tb/s

01:38PM EDT – Custom forwarding logic can be precompiled and applied to the switch

01:38PM EDT – New PISA architecture – protocol independent switch architecture

01:38PM EDT – Multiple Match Action Units – VLIW, ALU, SRAM

01:37PM EDT – Took the traditional feed-forward architecture of fixed function and made it all programmable

01:37PM EDT – Only the 30% in green needs attention – the rest is very fixed function

01:36PM EDT – This is where the power is managed in switch silicon

01:36PM EDT – So need a paradigm shift in this thinking

01:36PM EDT – Programmable switches are often considered 10-100x slower than fixed-function

01:35PM EDT – 2-3 cycle for switch silicon cycle is no longer sufficient

01:34PM EDT – Future platforms need more reliable and flexible networks

01:34PM EDT – ‘Why do we need a programmable switch?’

01:28PM EDT – ‘Barefoot Networks will add deep expertise [to Intel] in cloud network architectures, P4-programmable high-speed data paths, switch silicon development, P4 compilers, driver software, network telemetry and computational networking’

01:28PM EDT – From Intel’s press release at the time:

01:27PM EDT – Intel acquired Barefoot last year, in a deal that closed in Q3

01:27PM EDT – Live blog active! We’re just a few minutes away from the Tofino2 presentation