Free Batch Photo Resizer is a user-friendly tool for quickly resizing multiple images

Resizing a lot of images at the same time can be easily accomplished with the help of a batch tool. But, which one should you use? There are dozens of programs that you could use for the task. To name just a few that we reviewed here on the site: sPhoto, ImagesMixer, XnResize, or Flexxi.

If user-friendliness is an important factor for you, Free Batch Photo Resizer may be something that you want to check out when it comes to batch processing images.

The program’s interface has a large pane on the left where the images that you add for processing will be displayed. Use the first button on the sidebar to the right edge of the window to add the files. The Add Folder button is handy for including a directory that contains several images. Oddly, unlike most batch tools this one does not support drag-and-drop for adding multiple files.  The application supports the following image formats: BMP, JPEG and PNG.

There is no option to preview the images that you have added in Free Batch Photo Resizer. The only way to check if you have got it correct, is by reading the names from the list pane.

Free Batch Photo Resizer add files

Added the wrong pictures? The Remove All button lets you clear the list of photos in a single click. Or, if you want to exclude a few pictures, select a photo and then click on “Remove Selected”. This also works with multiple file selection using the Shift and Control keys.

Before resizing the photos, you should specify the dimensions of the output pictures, aka the new size that they will be saved as. Enter the width and height (in pixels or percentage) to make your choice.

Free Batch Photo Resizer can maintain the aspect ratio of the images, if you toggle the “Keep original aspect ratio” under the resize options. Once you’ve enabled it, three more settings become available.

Choose the width or height (radio button) option, and the program disables the other option because it will automatically compute the value with respect to the one you have entered to ensure the aspect ratio isn’t modified. Enter a custom value, for e.g. 1920 width or 1080 height. You can choose the bounds option to customize the height and the width based on your requirements like Full HD or 720p, and the program will use the closest possible resolution with the original aspect ratio.

Select the output folder that the program should save the pictures in. There is no option to customize the renaming pattern in Free Batch Photo Resizer. The filename will be retained when the destination directory differs from the original folder. If you use the source folder as the output directory, the files will be renamed using Windows’ new file rules.

When you have configured the resizing options, click on the Resize button on the sidebar. A new window opens to indicate the progress of the task, and lists each file that has been resized. Click on the done button when the window says “Task completed”. Exit the program and open the output folder that you chose, and the resized photos will be ready.

Free Batch Photo Resizer task completed

Free Batch Photo Resizer is not a portable program. It is made by Sunlit Green Software, the developer of the BatchBlitz.

Free Batch Photo Resizer is a simple application, but in many ways it is too simple. It lacks essential options such as setting the output format (for e.g. convert PNG to JPG), output quality (for JPEGs). But it can suffice for basic editing purposes and help reduce the file size of images, making them ready for sharing online.

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