Intel Launches Tiger Lake: A Live Blog (Noon ET, 9am PT)

11:58AM EDT – Intel is about to launch Tiger Lake. Follow along with our Live Blog!

11:59AM EDT – Here we go

11:59AM EDT – Greg Bryant on the deck

11:59AM EDT – Helping people connect in the current environment

12:00PM EDT – Challenged ourselves to advance the PC platform

12:00PM EDT – Several new ground breaking updates

12:00PM EDT – Leading the ecosystem

12:00PM EDT – Starting witht he partners

12:00PM EDT – Acer, Microsoft

12:01PM EDT – Best Buy, HP

12:01PM EDT – Shifting to use cases

12:01PM EDT – Dell

12:01PM EDT – Google

12:01PM EDT – Raja Koduri

12:01PM EDT – Samsung


12:01PM EDT –, Tripwire

12:02PM EDT – Reducing the barrier between the human and the work they’re doing

12:02PM EDT – Adobe, JOYY, IDC

12:02PM EDT – Lenovo

12:02PM EDT – Using new technologies with Intel, stretching the boundaries

12:02PM EDT – ASUS

12:02PM EDT – Working across the industry

12:03PM EDT – ‘World’s Best Processor!’

12:03PM EDT – 9 new SKUs for Tiger Lake

12:03PM EDT – Not an exaggeration

12:03PM EDT – Best Intel CPU Intel has ever built

12:03PM EDT – best CPU on the market

12:03PM EDT – beats the imitators

12:03PM EDT – PC without compromise

12:04PM EDT – New CPU up to 4.8 GHz

12:04PM EDT – New Xe GPU

12:04PM EDT – Industry Leading AI and TB4

12:04PM EDT – Thin and light designs

12:04PM EDT – Samsung system – Tiger Lake plus 5G

12:05PM EDT – ASUS Expertbook – 14inch only 870g

12:05PM EDT – More than 50 new designs in total

12:05PM EDT – 50 designs in market for holiday, over 150+ designs in total

12:05PM EDT – New Branding

12:05PM EDT – 4x faster for content creators

12:05PM EDT – +20% on productivity

12:06PM EDT – Iris Xe graphics, Better than 90% of all discrete GPU notebooks sold last year

12:06PM EDT – Now Boyd Phelps

12:06PM EDT – Redefined 10nm to 10nm SuperFin

12:06PM EDT – CPU redesigned to enable frequency gains

12:07PM EDT – 40nm Poly Pitch ((did he say that?))

12:07PM EDT – Leakage sensitive IPs

12:07PM EDT – lowered voltage across the board

12:07PM EDT – Redefined metal stack

12:08PM EDT – We created magic

12:08PM EDT – much lower voltages

12:08PM EDT – Up to 2x graphics perf

12:08PM EDT – 5x better AI perf

12:09PM EDT – Wi-Fi 6, TB4, USB4

12:09PM EDT – PCIe Gen4 attach up to 32 Gbps (that’s PCIe 4.0 x4)

12:09PM EDT – LPD5 memory controller

12:10PM EDT – Intro video

12:11PM EDT – Not possible with other processors on the market

12:11PM EDT – Now AI and media

12:11PM EDT – Measuring more than benchmarks

12:11PM EDT – actual application performance is critical

12:12PM EDT – Upscaling

12:12PM EDT – comparing to 4800U

12:12PM EDT – Intel is over 200% faster than AMD

12:12PM EDT – Not all cores are created equal

12:13PM EDT – Intel nearly 100% faster in Adobe Export

12:13PM EDT – VCE limited workload

12:13PM EDT – Now Microsoft teams demo

12:13PM EDT – vacuuming in the background

12:14PM EDT – 11th Gen comes with background noise removal

12:14PM EDT – 11th Gen Core is the best at everything you do most

12:14PM EDT – Comparing Intel to AMD

12:14PM EDT – What AMD system is that? Looks like a bulky Lenovo

12:15PM EDT – 11th Gen is better than MX350

12:15PM EDT – Gears Tactics

12:16PM EDT – (It’s worth noting that Gears Tactics doesn’t have a fixed seed benchmark and has +/- 10% variation on a single run)

12:16PM EDT – Up to 2x higher frame rates for ultraportables

12:16PM EDT – Now Project Athena

12:17PM EDT – Innovate beyond the CPU

12:17PM EDT – Set of requirements to be Athena certified

12:18PM EDT – Athena 1.0 had 50+ designs

12:18PM EDT – Not stopping here

12:18PM EDT – 11th Gen core – next gen Athena laptops

12:19PM EDT – 25+ performance and responsiveness tests

12:19PM EDT – 9+ hours on FHD

12:20PM EDT – 4hrs charge in 30 minutes

12:20PM EDT – TB4, Wi-Fi 6 required

12:20PM EDT – The Best laptops available

12:20PM EDT – DJ Diplo to the stage

12:21PM EDT – The laptop is my instrument

12:21PM EDT – Ooooh looks like Intel Evo

12:21PM EDT – New streaming environment for DJs

12:21PM EDT – 20-30k viewers on twitch

12:21PM EDT – Always stay connected to technology

12:22PM EDT – ‘Peace and Love Intel – DJ Diplo’

12:22PM EDT – The most advanced components and technologies

12:22PM EDT – Now PC Gaming

12:22PM EDT – 1.2 B gamers worldwide

12:23PM EDT – Playing popular eSports games on laptops now possible on 11th Gen

12:23PM EDT – Game stream and record on the laptops

12:23PM EDT – The competition can’t keep up despite having more cores

12:24PM EDT – College students need battery life and connectivity speed

12:24PM EDT – Managing tabs and programs at once

12:24PM EDT – Work anywhere you like and never miss a beat

12:24PM EDT – Athena laptops wake in a second

12:25PM EDT – video showing 4K scrubbing for video editing…. but the comment about battery life, not scrubbing perfromance

12:25PM EDT – People don’t use PCs, they try to get stuff done, so we don’t want the PC to be in the way

12:27PM EDT – Now branding

12:27PM EDT – These advancements are leaps due to a new approach to engineering

12:28PM EDT – setting a new bar for laptop experiences without compromise

12:28PM EDT – 11th Gen and Athena are exceptional

12:28PM EDT – Introducing Intel Evo

12:28PM EDT – 1000s of hours of co-engineering

12:28PM EDT – A new marketing campaign with partners

12:28PM EDT – new era for Intel

12:28PM EDT – Embrace the future of our iconic brand

12:29PM EDT – Today is Intel’s 3rd major pivot

12:29PM EDT – requires a new logo

12:29PM EDT – new global brand

12:29PM EDT – (was that an s775 processor)

12:29PM EDT – Entire portfolio gets an updated look, including Xeon and Optane

12:30PM EDT – Only Intel has the unmatched assets to do this

12:30PM EDT – Strong ecosystem partners and thousands of engineers

12:31PM EDT – Evo is a badge to signify the most advanced laptops on the market

12:31PM EDT – Now it’s your turn

12:32PM EDT – Ending video it seems – but it’s such a low bit rate

12:33PM EDT – All the disclaimers

12:33PM EDT – There are some press-only ‘Blueprints’ sessions later today. Let’s see if we get more info from them. Bye for now!