Humble Software Bundle: Organize Your PC with lots of Stardock apps

Humblebundle is best known for its gaming bundles that are provided on a monthly basis. Users subscribe to one of the plans and may pick a certain number of games from the monthly offerings.

Less known is that the site creates other non-gaming bundles on a regular basis; these bundles include books but also software applications.

The Humble Software Bundle: Organize Your PC is such a bundle; it includes a total of eleven applications in three tiers that unlock when you pay a certain amount of money.

The bundle includes several popular Stardock applications, including Groupy, Fences, Multiplicity and Start10.

Here is the overview:

Pay €1 to unlock

  • IconPackager
  • CursorFX
  • WindowsBlinds 10

Pay €9:50 to unlock (including all in the first group):

  • SpaceMonger 3
  • Start10
  • WindowFX
  • DeskScapes 10

Pay €12.30 to unlock (includes all apps of the two previous groups):

  • Fences
  • Multiplicity
  • SoundPackager 10
  • Groupy

I have reviewed four of the applications in the past, and found all of the reviewed applications to be very useful.


Fences is designed to help users bring order to their Windows desktops. As the name suggests, it can be used to create fenced areas on the desktop that display icons added to the area. It is furthermore possible to minimize or move these fenced areas around easily.


start10 fences

Start10 replaces the Start menu of the Windows 10 operating system with a custom version. The program includes several designs that include the Windows 7 Start menu but also designs that look more modern.


stardock multiplicity

Multiplicity gives you control over multiple Windows devices with one mouse and keyboard connected to one of the devices.


stardock groupy program tabs

Groupy is an application for Windows that adds tabs to windows. It uses a similar system that Microsoft envisioned when it tested tabbed windows in the company’s Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft pulled it before release, and users need to use third-party solutions to group windows together in a single window.

Is the deal a good one?

How good is the deal? The answer is not as straightforward, unfortunately. If you head over to the Stardock website, you will notice that some of the listed applications are available for just a few Euros/Dollars.

If you are interested in only one or two, you may get a better deal by purchasing directly from Stardock. Groupy, for example,  is available for €3.74 currently, and the regular price is €4.99. Multiplicity KM is available for €9.99, but it has a regular price of €19.99.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in several of the applications, you may get a better deal if you purchase the software bundle on Humblebundle.

Now You: do you use any of the listed applications or alternatives?


Humble Software Bundle: Organize Your PC with lots of Stardock apps

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Humble Software Bundle: Organize Your PC with lots of Stardock apps


We take a look at the The Humble Software Bundle: Organize Your PC that includes several popular Stardock applications including Fences, Groupy, and Multiplicity.


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