Password Manager KeePass 2.47 has been released

A new version of the versatile password manager KeePass is now available. KeePass 2.47 introduces new features, improvements and fixes, and is already available as a download from the developer site. You can run the installer to upgrade existing installations of the password manager without losing any data.

Note that KeePass installs into the c:program files folder by default for new installations as of this version and no longer in c:program files (x86).

Select Help > About KeePass to display the version of the password manager.

KeePass 2.47: here is what is new

If you are using KeePass’ built-in search functionality a lot, you may find the new option to save search profiles useful. Basically, what it allows you to do, is configure searches and save these as profiles to launch them directly from the interface again whenever the need arises.

keepass find profiles

The find functionality is very powerful; it supports simple and regular expressions, and allows you to define the search scope, e.g. titles, tags and urls, and several other related parameters.

Just select the save icon next to profile on the find page after you have made the changes and give the new profile a name to save it. You may then open it from Find > Search Profiles or the group context menu.

KeePass 2.47 introduces two additional search related changes. First, that XPath Expressions are supported, and second, that you are now able to check a history option under search to search across password history entries.

The new password manager version includes several other new features, here is a short overview:

  • New Auto-Type matching option “consider similar dashes as identical”.
  • An error message is displayed now if the loading or saving of configuration files fails. A backup may be created, and the path will be mentioned in this case.
  • Added an option to save the configuration (on by default). Tip: check out our guide on changing default KeePass options.
  • Security tab has two new links that open help pages for Experts and Administrators. These link to this page with options that details additional options for experienced users.
  • XML key file format enhanced.
  • New Create Key File option under Tools > Advanced Tools.
  • Improved import of passwords from Dashlane and Roboform.

KeePass 2.47 includes several improvements as well. Here are the most important ones:

  • Search performance improvements.
  • Certain keyboard shortcuts did not work when certain dialog windows were open, e.g. Ctrl-Tab with the quick search box focused; this has been fixed.
  • Local configuration file is loaded only if it is necessary.
  • Default key extension is now keyx and no longer key.
  • Key file loading and saving error messages improved.
  • Import/export show an error message when trying to export to multiple files. Also, relative paths are no longer accepted.

Closing Words

KeePass 2.47 is my password manager of choice because it is a well-designed product that gets better with every release. It is not a cloud-based password manager, but you can extent it so that it becomes one.

Now You: Which password manager do you use, and why?

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