Reports suggest Sony will hold PlayStation 5 digital event on June 3

With the slated launch date of Holiday 2020 for Sony’s next-gen console slowly nearing, rumors and reports concerning the PlayStation 5 are in heavy circulation. A new report from Bloomberg suggests that the Japanese multinational conglomerate might be hosting a digital event on June 3, 2020, featuring the successor to the PlayStation 4.

Corroborating this story, VentureBeat is also reporting a tentative June 3 event surrounding the upcoming PS5 console. Both seem to cite similarly discreet sources, with Bloomberg touting ‘people with direct knowledge of the matter’ and VentureBeating referencing ‘sources familiar with the company’s plans’.

According to both reports, it seems that Sony is having a rough time trying to schedule digital reveal showcases for the PlayStation 5 due to COVID-19. However, both sources claim that a June 3 event is likely to happen. If such a virtual event does take place, it is believed that the Tokyo-headquartered company will not reveal too many details about the console such as the price or launch date, saving such information for a later date.

On March 18, Sony held an hour-long presentation speaking about the hardware and full tech specs of the PlayStation 5. About a month later, the company unveiled the new controller for the console called the DualSense and offered an in-depth look at it from every angle. A few weeks ago, Epic Games ran a demo on the PlayStation 5 in order to showcase Unreal Engine 5, offering a small glance into the capabilities of the upcoming console.

However, so far official information about the physical look of the PS5 itself has been very scarce, especially details such as the form factor and design of the next-gen gaming console. Price and the game line-up are also some of the other topics shrouded in mystery. Hopefully, more will become known in the weeks to come.