Launch any program, URL or add a text snippet using keyboard shortcuts with LeoMoon HotKeyZ

Keyboard shortcuts are time savers, they help increase your productivity and get things done. How often do you use Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, or Ctrl-T?

Those are mostly useful while we work in some programs. But to launch those programs quickly? Forget switching applications or even moving the mouse. Launch any program, URL or add a text snippet using keyboard shortcuts with LeoMoon HotKeyZ.

The application is portable. Extract it and you’ll find a single executable that’s about 2.25MB in size. Running the EXE creates an INI file which the program uses to save its options.

LeoMoon HotKeyZ runs as a system tray application. Left-clicking on it does nothing, use the right mouse button to access the menu. It has two options: the first of which is used to toggle the hotkey functionality. You may also toggle it by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Win + 2.

If the icon is faded, it means Hotkeyz is disabled. If it’s lit up, the hotkey mode is working.

Click on the Settings option in the LeoMoon HotKeyZ menu. This opens a pop-up window. You can enable the option to make the program start automatically with Windows.

The HotKeyZ toggle can be changed from this page. You can use a combination of Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Win and any key on your keyboard.

LeoMoon HotKeyZ comes with 13 different hotkeys. For e.g. Ctrl + Alt + C will open My Computer. Get to the user folder quickly by using Ctrl + Alt + C. Run Notepad with the key combo Ctrl + Shift + N.

Similarly, you can change the volume, mute it, skip to the previous or next media, open any third party program or web url, or even add a text snipped with a key combination that’s available in HotKeyZ.

That’s not all. You can create a new Hotkey too. Let’s create one by clicking the “Add New” button. This opens the add hotkey window.

LeoMoon HotKeyZ add new

Use the Browse File button under the “Action” section, to select the program that you wish to add a shortcut for. e.g Firefox. Optionally set the parameters for the program.

LeoMoon HotKeyZ add new program

Next assign a hotkey for it by defining the key combo at the bottom of the screen. I want to open Firefox with Ctrl + Alt + F. Hit the “Add” button to finish setting up the new hotkey. Don’t forget to click on the save button on the Settings page. If done correctly, the window should minimize to the tray. Try the new hotkey combination, Firefox should open. Simple wasn’t it?

Other options

LeoMoon HotKeyZ can also be used to open folders (in Explorer), or to run specific actions (open Control Panel, Settings, Recycle Bin, shutdown, restart, lock, etc).

LeoMoon HotKeyZ add new action

To open a website, enable the “Open a URL” option, set the protocol (HTTPS or HTTP or FTP), and paste the URL in the text box.

LeoMoon HotKeyZ add new url

The Snippet section in LeoMoon HotKeyz can be used to add basic text clips. You may also add variables like <HOUR>, <MINUTE>, <SECOND>, <YEAR>, <MONTHNAME>, <MONTHNUMBER>, <DAYNAME> and <DAYNUMBER> to add the current time unit where the cursor is placed.

LeoMoon HotKeyZ add new text

For e.g. you could set something like “Today’s date is <MONTHNAME> <DAYNUMBER> of <YEAR>.” Open a text editor, and press the hotkey for this shortcut and it will add “Today’s date is May 05, 2020.”

LeoMoon HotKeyZ add new text variable

Warning: The program is written in AutoIT, which is often incorrectly flagged by scanners as malicious, and HotKeyZ is no exception. We have seen this happen with MinimizeToTray and Batch Image Cropper.

LeoMoon HotKeyZ is easy to use and configure. Some of the program’s functionality can be replicated natively in Windows. If keyboard shortcuts aren’t your thing, try mouse-friendly shortcut programs like Biniware Run or Jovial Menu.

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