The Apple WWDC 2020 Keynote Live Blog (Starts at 10am PT/17:00 UTC)

While COVID may have put a crimp on the tech industry, for Apple the show must still go on. Join us at 10am Pacific/17:00 UTC for our live blog coverage of this year’s Apple WorldWide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), which like so many other shows is taking a uniquely virtual tack this year.

The morning keynote for the developer-focused show is typically a rapid-fire two-hour run through Apple’s ecosystem, covering everything from macOS and iOS to individual Apple applications and more, and it sounds like Apple will be sticking to that strategy for their virtual show. Meanwhile there’s always the lingering question over whether we’ll also see a new hardware announcement this year – Apple tends to be about 50/50 with hardware at WWDC – something which has taken on an even greater significance this year as Apple is widely believed to be working on transitioning the Mac platform to its own Arm-based SoCs. Even if we don’t get hardware details at this year’s WWDC, even confirmation of that project and Apple’s transition plans would mark the kick-off point for a huge shift in the Apple ecosystem, and an event that could reverberate into the PC ecosystem as well.

So join us at 10am Pacific to see just what Apple is working on for this year and beyond.