Macrium Reflect 7.3 backup software update introduces native task scheduler

If you are using the backup software Macrium Reflect, you may know that it relied solely on the Windows Task Scheduler for backup tasks. The new Macrium Reflect 7.3 update introduces support for a native task scheduler that users of the software may use instead.

Macrium highlights the main reason for making the change in the “new in Macrium Reflect 7.3” support article on the company website:

We’ve integrated our own scheduler into Macrium Service to replace the default Windows Task Scheduler (WTS). WTS has been the only method for scheduling Macrium Reflect backups for many years, but unfortunately it’s been plagued with reliability problems surrounding Daylight Savings Time (DST) changes and no longer provides the quality of operation required by Macrium Reflect.

Reliability problems of the Windows Task Scheduler are the main reason for integrating a native solution. Existing users of the backup software will get a prompt on the first start after upgrading the software to the latest version. The prompt is postponed if a backup process is running at the time.

The prompt informs users about the native task scheduler and provides an option to convert all Windows Task Scheduler tasks right away, or skip the conversion for the time being.

Both scheduling options, native and Windows’ Task Scheduler, remain available in the backup software. Users may configure the scheduler that is being used under Schedule > Edit Defaults > Schedule.

edit defaults schedule macrium

Macrium used the new scheduler for years in its Macrium Site Manager application. Conversions on a test system completed successfully and without issues.

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Macrium Reflect 7.3 features several other changes besides the scheduling change described above:

  • Import and Export context menu options were added, and a Import toolbar button is available as well.
  • Macrium Image Guardian has a new Volumes tab to enable or disable the feature for individual volumes.
  • OpenSSL integration enhancements.

The new release fixes two issues:

  • When removing a USB attached storage device, an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH BSoD could be generated if there was an outstanding kernel lock on the device.
  • After performing a restore of a non-system volume for which CBT had been enabled, CBT could become disabled on that volume and would not re-enable until the system had been restarted.

The new version of Macrium Reflect is available on the company website. A limited free version is available for download, as are various paid and business versions.

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Macrium Reflect 7.3 backup software update introduces native task scheduler


Macrium Reflect 7.3, a popular free and commercial backup software, introduces support for its own task scheduler to replace the Windows Task Scheduler.


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