Day: November 8, 2020

Modify the mouse settings from the command line

2020-11-08 By admin

Windows 10 has two ways that you can use to change the mouse options. The modern method is available from the Settings app > Devices > Mouse, but as is the case with these modernized preferences, they usually lack functionality and are mainly useful for basic changes. The legacy Control Panel option, called Mouse Properties, […]

Ethereum User Spends $9,500 in Fees Sending Just $120 in an Error to Forget

2020-11-08 By admin

An Ethereum user mistakenly paid $9,500 in transaction fees to send just $120. The user, identified by their Reddit moniker ‘Proudbitcoiner’, says the transaction “destroyed my life” and is now desperately asking miners to return the money. According to a Nov. 4 post on Reddit, Proudbitcoiner said they accidentally typed in the wrong transaction fee, […]

39 Firms Have Applied to Offer Crypto Services Under New Regulation, Says Dutch Central Bank

2020-11-08 By admin

Thirty-nine companies have applied for registration with the Dutch central bank to provide cryptocurrency services, the regulator told They include crypto exchanges and custodial wallet providers. Dutch Central Bank Begins Registering Crypto Service Providers De Nederlandsche Bank NV (DNB), the Dutch central bank, has started actively registering companies to provide cryptocurrency services. As a […]