Day: December 14, 2020

The Next CRAZY Trend in PC Cases | Azza Cast

2020-12-14 By admin

[embedded content] The main reason I accepted this Azza Cast case for review is because of the promise of customization for the end user. The whole idea behind the Cast is that whole exterior shell can potentially be changed since everything is on screws so being able to swap it out for a mesh shell, […]

Chaintip Creator Unveils New Tipping Tool Sharetip

2020-12-14 By admin

Tipping internet users with cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin Cash, seems like a great way to spread adoption. The creator of one popular tipping tool is cooking up something brand new. Self-Serve Tipping It’s called Sharetip and I had the opportunity to try it. I tipped someone Bitcoin Cash on Medium and it was pretty smooth. Basically, […]

Indian Crypto Trader Arrested for Allegedly Using USDT to Launder Money on Behalf of Chinese Online Betting Scammers

2020-12-14 By admin

An Indian law enforcement agency has arrested Naisar Kothari, a cryptocurrency trader, for his role in a money-laundering scheme linked to online Chinese betting scams. The arrest was made after the country’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) detected large amounts of money “being inexplicably transferred to some cryptocurrency traders.” In addition to Kothari’s arrest, the ED conducted […]