CrossOver is a program that lets you add a custom crosshair to make aiming easier in games

If there’s one thing which annoys gamers, it’s got to be the crosshair in shooting games. Sometimes the on-screen reticle is either too tiny, large, or in some cases unusable. I’ve seen my friends put a tape on their screen when playing MMOs, so they have a slight edge over their opponents. Some games support custom crosshairs, or at least include several different types that you may enable.

CrossOver is a program that lets you add a custom crosshair to make aiming easier in games

As an old-school gamer who plays single-player games, I like the immersion factor. Not having a HUD to distract you, really lets you observe things around you, like the grass, rocks, trees and plants. The same goes for aiming down an ironsight. But if you’re ever having trouble with a mission or game where you might struggle with your bow or gun, maybe due to screen shake or sway, having an overlay will help you.

CrossOver provides you with a crosshair that you can customize to your liking. When you start the program, a semi-opaque window is displayed. It contains a crosshair, and has 4 buttons, one on each corner. Click and drag the box to reposition it as required.

Now, that box is not going to interfere with your gameplay, isn’t it?

That actually looks terrible. Don’t worry, you can hide it easily. Press the following hotkey: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + X. This will disable the box around the crosshair.

Crossover ui hidden

Crossover doesn’t work out of the box with all games, if that is the case you will need to change the game from full screen to borderless fullscreen or windowed mode. This will enable the program to work, in my tests the application worked with Borderlands 2, but not in Far Cry 5.

Crossover example

When I switched to borderless display mode in the latter, Crossover worked flawlessly.

Mouse over the interface, click on it and drag it to any location on the screen. If you accidentally moved it, and want to center it on the screen, double-click on the bulls-eye button in the bottom left-hand corner. Or you can use Control-Alt-Shift-Arrows to move the crosshair one pixel at a time.

Crossover custom reticule

A single-click on the bulls-eye opens the reticule selector. Crossover has dozens of target styles to choose from, these come in various shapes and sizes, from real crosshairs, chevrons, circular dot, cross dot, simple crosshair, dot outlined, x-hair, t-hair, etc. Left click on a reticule to switch to it.

Back on the main screen of the application, click on the settings button in the bottom-right to access options to modify the crosshair sight, size, and the opacity.

Crossover crossdot

Warning: Using an overlay in an online multiplayer game could get you banned, so think twice, do some research whether the game allows users to use custom crosshairs, etc. I don’t play online games, so I can’t say for sure whether this works with specific titles.

crossover reticule

To reset the settings, hit Control-Alt-Shift-R. Close the program by hitting the X button in the top left corner of the GUI. Don’t forget to exit the program after your gaming session, you don’t want a reticule while browsing or editing text, do you?

CrossOver is an open source program, it is an Electron app. The application is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The tool doesn’t use a lot of resources, so your framerates remain unaffected. CrossOver gets updated very frequently, in fact I’d say it’s done a bit too frequently, there were like 10 updates in just one week since the version 1.02 beta was released.

CrossOver is easy to use, and I liked the customization options. So, if you’re having a hard time with aiming in a game, give this overlay a shot. Not a fan of crosshair tools? Some games have an accessibility option for aim assist that can help you, enabling it can make a huge difference.

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