First Look at Hasleo Backup Suite Free, a new Windows backup software

Windows users have lots of choice when it comes to backup software, and Hasleo Backup Suite Free is the latest entry in the free backup software category for the operating system.

Tip: Our top picks are MailStore Home for email backups, and Paragon Backup & Recovery Free or Macrium Reflect for disk backups.

Hasleo Backup Suite Free is developed by the makers of Easy UEFI, Bitlocker Anywhere and WinToUSB. The program is compatible with all versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system starting with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Download the 24 Megabyte installer from the official website and run it to install the backup software on the system. Windows may throw a SmartScreen warning, because it is a new software.

The application is only available in English at the time of writing. It supports creating system backups and disk/partition backups, and may also be used to clone disks or partitions.

Visit the Tools directory first to create an emergency disk. All functionality is built-in and the creation of the rescue solution takes a minute or two to complete depending on the device. The created rescue solution can be copied to a connected USB device or saved as an ISO image. The system can be booted from the solution then if it does not start anymore.

The two main backup features support backing up the Windows system partitions to create a backup of the operating system, and to back up disks or partitions.

windows system backup

All system partitions are selected when you pick system backup, none are selected when you pick the disk or partition backup option. Both backup options list the same options. A task name and description is added automatically, but you may change it.

The only other step that is required, is to pick a target for the backup, e.g. a location on another drive on the system or a connected USB device.

Backups support encryption to protect the data and compression; the latter is set to low by default. Options to split the backup into chunks, to enable pre- and post-commands, and to enable email notifications are provided as well. The final option enables sector-by-sector copies.

Hasleo Backup Suite Free supports full, incremental and differential backups. The first backup is always a full backup, subsequent backups can also be full or incremental/differential.

Restore works by selecting a backup that was created previously. All backups are listed under home, and actions enable you to restore a specific backup, delete a backup, or run another backup job.

The title and description play an important role here, as the overview of backups does not list the drives or partitions that were backed up. You may select the edit option under actions to verify these, but it is best if you pick a title and description that offers the information.

Cloning is the second main feature of the backup software. You can clone the system partition, or disks/partitions. Cloning the system partition assists in the migration to another hard drive, e.g. when you want to replace the main hard drive with another.

The tools section lists several smaller options, including the ability to wipe a drive, rebuilt the MBR, or add a boot menu. Options to look at the logs that the software creates when it runs tasks are available here as well.

Closing Words

Hasleo Backup Suite Free is an easy to use backup software for Windows that ships with everything included. It is limited to backing up or cloning disks and partitions, but does a good job at that.

The application lacks support for tasks, which means that backups can only be run manually at the time.

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