The Apple WWDC 2023 Keynote Live Blog (Starts at 10am PT/17:00 UTC)

2023-06-05 By admin

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12:57PM EDT – So if you’re looking to order any Apple products in the middle of the WWDC keynote, you’ll be out of luck

12:56PM EDT – The Apple Store, as is usually is the case, is down right now

12:55PM EDT – With WWDC going virtual once again this year, we’re expecting another rapid-fire, two-hour run through of Apple’s ecosystem. WWDC keynotes have historically covered everything from macOS and iOS to individual Apple applications and more. On the hardware side of matters, in previous years we’ve seen things like the official announcement Apple’s M2 SoC; and as of 2023, we’re still missing the legendary Mac Pro from the Apple Silicon lineup. All the while, the rumor mill intensely churns with the idea of an Apple augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headset. And of course, there’s always the chance of the periodic product refresh.

12:55PM EDT – As we round the corner after Computex and transition into June, it’s time once more for Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference. As always, Apple kicks off WWDC with their big keynote event, which though aimed first and foremost at developers, is also used as a venue to announce new products and ecosystem strategies. The keynote starts at 10am Pacific (17:00 UTC) today, and AnandTech will be offering live blog coverage of Apple’s event.