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Australian Regulator Warns Against Investing Retirement Funds in ‘High Risk’ Crypto-Assets

2022-01-18 By admin

An Australian regulator has warned residents seeking to self-manage their retirement funds to be wary of investing in crypto-asset investments that promise high returns in a short space of time. The regulator reiterates in the warning that crypto-assets are a high-risk and speculative investment. Scammer Tactics The Australian financial services regulator, the Australian Securities and […]

Bitpay Statistics Show the Use of Bitcoin for Payments Is Dwindling

2022-01-18 By admin

The use of bitcoin as a digital currency for payments has gone down significantly, according to the numbers stemming from Bitpay, one of the leading cryptocurrency payments processors. While most of the purchases were made with bitcoin back in 2020, this dominance has dwindled, opening the space for other tokens and currencies, such as ethereum […]

Crypto Job Postings Increased 400% in 2021 According to Linkedin

2022-01-18 By admin

According to new data from Linkedin, a professional work-based social network, the number of cryptocurrency-related job postings soared in 2021. The increase was even higher than the general increase in tech-related job postings. The nature of these posts is also diversifying, with various industries requiring people with crypto know-how. Linkedin Says Crypto Jobs Are on […]

ETH 2.0 Contract Surpasses 9 Million Ethereum Worth $28 Billion

2022-01-18 By admin

The number of ether locked in the Ethereum 2.0 contract has exceeded 9 million ethereum or more than $28 billion using today’s exchange rates. The amount of ethereum locked into the contract has increased 22.29% since the first week of September 2021, when the contract held 7.4 million ether. Ethereum 2.0 Contract Exceeds 9 Million […]

Lucrosus Capital Launched $LUCA – Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC)

2022-01-18 By admin

PRESS RELEASE. The cryptocurrency market in the last months has witnessed the enormous success of promising valuable blockchain projects. Nevertheless, even investors from traditional markets are starting to detect the real potential of cryptocurrencies. They pour vast amounts of funds into the blockchain market. Therefore, the biggest success boom of promising projects is yet to […]

Pakistani Bank Asks Customers to Avoid Conducting Crypto Transactions

2022-01-18 By admin

A major bank in Pakistan has reportedly asked its customers to avoid conducting cryptocurrency transactions. Bank Alfalah’s action came shortly after the State Bank of Pakistan, the country’s central bank, submitted a report to the Sindh High Court recommending a complete ban on cryptocurrency. Bank Alfalah Asks Customers to Avoid Conducting Crypto Transactions Pakistani Bank […]

India’s Prime Minister Modi Calls for Global Collaboration on Crypto — Says ‘We Have to Have a Similar Mindset’

2022-01-18 By admin

India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, has called on governments worldwide to collaborate on cryptocurrency. He pointed out that “The kind of technology that is associated with it, the decisions taken by a single country will be insufficient to deal with its challenges.” Indian Prime Minister Urges ‘Every Country, Every Global Agency’ to Collaborate on Cryptocurrency […]

Singapore Restricts Crypto Ads — Central Bank Says Crypto Trading Not Suitable for the General Public

2022-01-18 By admin

Singapore’s central bank has issued guidelines to discourage cryptocurrency trading by the general public. The central bank emphasized that “the trading of cryptocurrencies is highly risky and not suitable for the general public.” Singapore’s Central Bank Discouraging Crypto Trading by the General Public The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the nation’s central bank, announced Monday […]

25% of US Adults Plan to Start Investing in Crypto, Survey Shows

2022-01-17 By admin

A U.S. consumer survey shows that 25% of respondents who currently do not own cryptocurrency plan to start investing in crypto. “2021 was a good year for crypto. Of the respondents that own crypto, more than half reported that they had just started investing in the space within the last year.” ‘2021 Was a Good […]