When will the cybersecurity company Okta ensure its own security?

2023-11-29 By admin

On Tuesday, Okta revealed that hackers had stolen data from all of its customer support users in a major breach of its customer support system.


The company had previously said that only a small percentage of its customers had been affected by the Okta hack, but the new information suggests that the breach was far more widespread.

The stolen data at Okta hack includes names and email addresses of all customer support users, as well as information about support interactions.

This information could be used by malicious actors to launch phishing attacks, steal identities, or gain access to other systems.

Okta hack caused the personal data of its customers to be publicly available on the dark web

Okta hack confirmed by the officials

Okta said that it is working with a digital forensics firm to investigate the breach and will be sharing the report with customers upon completion. The company is also notifying individuals whose data has been compromised.

The breach is a major setback for Okta, which provides identity management solutions for thousands of businesses. The company has been a target for hackers in the past, and the latest breach is likely to raise concerns about its security practices.

In a statement to CNBC, an Okta spokesperson said that the company is “committed to providing our customers with the most secure and reliable identity management solutions.” The company is also taking steps to improve its security posture in the wake of the breach.

Okta Hack
Okta states that they are on the case

Okta hack’s impact on Okta’s reputation and stock price

The revelation of the widespread breach sent Okta’s share price plummeting by 11%, wiping out around $2 billion in market cap. This drastic drop in share price reflects the significant reputational damage caused by the incident.

Okta, once considered a leader in cybersecurity, now faces questions about its ability to protect sensitive information as it is not the first time the company and/or its working partners got hacked.