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The ULTIMATE Ryzen Gaming Laptop has Landed! | Hardware Canucks

2021-05-11 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents This is the ROG Zephyrus Duo SE by ASUS and it’s by far the most unique laptop that I’ve ever taken a look at, let me explain why. Laptops are generally portable devices that enable you to take your work with you anywhere you go, and we have covered numerous […]

Top 5 AMAZING Features of the ROG Phone 5! | Hardware Canucks

2021-05-05 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents This is the ROG Phone 5, the successor to the ROG Phone 3 which in my opinion was the most unique Android smartphone that I’ve ever come across. You can check out my full review if you’re interested in that, but now here we are in 2021 with the ROG […]

This AMAZING Keyboard Tech is sorta Pointless…for me

2021-05-05 By admin

Analog switches what is the big deal? Wooting keyboards have been doing it for years, SteelSeries is in the game with their OmniPoint switches, and now the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog, which has the same switches we saw on the Razer Tartarus Pro but now on a full-size keyboard. This is not a review of […]

Louqe RAW S1 Review – A Raw Deal | Hardware Canucks

2021-04-26 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents I am so excited to finally experience a Louqe enclosure, they are the guys responsible for the Ghost S1, which is super popular and I would say successful in the ITX space due its modularity, its flexibility, and its compatibility with really good high-quality enthusiast components. This new enclosure the […]

Cool Gaming Peripheral Features we NEED in 2021 | Hardware Canucks

2021-04-22 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents If you think about it there are so many cool features on gaming peripherals that are specific to a particular brand, but what if we were a step closer to having some of these cool features be more standardized across the entire industry. I’m not talking about honeycomb shells or […]

ANOTHER Noctua Win – NH-U12S REDUX CPU Cooler Review

2021-04-22 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents This review actually hits a little bit close to my heart, and I need to explain a little bit about that before we go on with this review. Like 15 years ago Noctua was actually one of the first companies that sampled Hardware Canucks, I think the first one was […]

Not Good Enough….AMD RX 6700 XT Review | Hardware Canucks

2021-04-19 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents Today is the day before the RX 6700 officially launches, and if you are lucky enough you might be able to get one tomorrow when they go on sale at 9:00 AM PST, once again that is 9:00 AM Pacific Time. Now if you want to know why these cards […]