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How to clean a Mechanical Keyboard!

2021-11-02 By admin

I want to tell you about this keyboard, I’ve been using the XTRFY K40 TKL RGB for 2 years now, it has been my go-to ever since it launched in 2019. Naturally after all that time there is some gunk accumulation. Nothing has been spilled over, it is just particles, but it got gunky on […]

A TINY $25 CPU Cooler Might Be All You Need!

2021-09-30 By admin

[embedded content] I want to talk a little bit about CPU cooler sizes. Now we all know the typical 120mm models – like the 212 Evo that we just reviewed – but then there is the massive ones like the Dark Rock Pro 4 from be quiet! It’s 140mm in size, it’s just a beast […]

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Review – Still AMAZING in 2021

2021-09-10 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents There is always comments that keep popping up in a lot of our cooler videos asking us to review the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, and that is exactly what we are going to do today. I’m not really excited about a new $500 graphics card that nobody is going […]

Ryzen Gaming Laptops go BEAST MODE!

2021-08-25 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents Remember Eluktronics – no not electronics, Eluktronics – one of the small companies that are trying to bridge the gap between high-end boutique laptop manufacturers and the bigger guys like Dell, HP, ASUS, and MSI. In fact, if you remember, I checked out their RP-15 about 6 months ago, and […]

Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2021) Review – SURPRISINGLY Fast Gaming!

2021-08-06 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents What we have here is the 2021 model of the Razer Blade 15, and obviously they have made a few changes on the inside in terms of hardware. You now get the new RTX 3000 series GPU paired with Intel’s 10th Gen processors, a faster screen, expanded connectivity, and that’s […]

Corsair FINALLY Did It – K65 RGB Mini 60% Keyboard Review

2021-07-23 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents You know it’s kind of funny to see Corsair’s first ever 60% keyboard not be called the K60 – because they already have that model – so it doesn’t seem like they thought far ahead into the naming scheme. Instead this model is called the K65…despite not being a 65% […]

ANOTHER Noctua Win – NH-U12S REDUX CPU Cooler Review

2021-07-23 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents This review actually hits a little bit close to my heart, and I need to explain a little bit about that before we go on with this review. Like 15 years ago Noctua was actually one of the first companies that sampled Hardware Canucks, I think the first one was […]

Wireless Gaming Headset Roundup – The Best in 2021

2021-07-23 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents Well it’s 2021, so it’s time to do another wireless gaming headset roundup. Going wireless is all about the convenience factor of eliminating the cable clutter with some compromise on audio quality. No wireless pair will sound as good as my Fidelio X3 with the Arc Mk2 amplifier in a […]

The ULTIMATE Ryzen Gaming Laptop has Landed!

2021-07-15 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents This is the ROG Zephyrus Duo SE by ASUS and it’s by far the most unique laptop that I’ve ever taken a look at, let me explain why. Laptops are generally portable devices that enable you to take your work with you anywhere you go, and we have covered numerous […]

AMD RX 6700 XT Roundup – Are these cards worth it!

2021-07-15 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents The GPU market is a mess, I’m sure you are frustrated, I’m frustrated, and you are probably tired of hearing people how frustrated they are. Even the RX 6700 XT, which was promised to have a bit more availability was grabbed up in no time. Knowing that Mike, Eber, and […]