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Bitcoin Trader: Google Helps Scam Crypto Trading App Look Legit in Reviews

2020-06-06 By admin

Bitcoin Trader has been heavily promoting itself as the best and safest automated cryptocurrency trading app that can help people earn $1,300 a day. Numerous fake reviews and scam checks on Bitcoin Trader are highly ranked by Google, making this scam appear legitimate. investigates this investment scam. Bitcoin Trader Scam Many bitcoin scams have […]

The Biostar Racing Z490GTN Review: $200 for Comet Lake mini-ITX

2020-06-05 By admin

Small form factor boards are always a key talking point for any desktop market. The usual breakdown on Mini-ITX sales for any given generation is usually around 10%, and because these boards end up in the lower-cost systems, there tends to be a focus on the cheaper end of the spectrum, even when it comes […]

Small ISP cancels data caps permanently after reviewing pandemic usage

2020-06-04 By admin

Enlarge Getty Images | RichLegg The coronavirus pandemic caused big ISPs to put data caps on hold for a few months, but one small ISP is going a big step further and canceling the arbitrary monthly limits permanently. Antietam Broadband, which serves Washington County in Maryland, announced Friday that it “has permanently removed broadband data usage […]

This Gaming Mouse Is AWESOME – ROG Chakram Review

2020-06-04 By admin

[embedded content] Right now all the craze is about lightweight FPS mice, but let’s not forget about the many heavyweight options that still matter like the ROG Chakram. Hefty Features This mouse is absolutely loaded with features and after using it for about a week it is an easy recommendation. It has a perfect place […]

They’re Kinda Awesome! Razer OPUS Headphones Review

2020-06-03 By admin

[embedded content] You probably recognize Razer because of their gaming mice, their gaming headsets, and of course the Razer blades, but now they are venturing out into lifestyle audio. This is the Razer Opus ANC wireless headset and it’s pretty damn good, which is good since it is going against the Sony WH-1000XM3, the various […]

Dell XPS 13 and XPS 13 Developer Edition—side-by-side review

2020-06-03 By admin

Enlarge / On the left, we have the XPS 13 Developer Edition running Ubuntu 18.04. On the right, a regular XPS 13 running Windows 10 Pro. Jim Salter We spent this weekend going hands-on with a pair of 2020 model Dell XPS 13 laptops—one standard edition running Windows 10 Pro, and one Developer Edition running […]

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro mini-review: A vast improvement

2020-06-03 By admin

The Magic Keyboard with a 12.9-inch 2020 iPad Pro. Samuel Axon The iPad is suspended in air just above the keyboard. Samuel Axon It’s also a protective case that looks quite similar to the Smart Keyboard from this angle. Samuel Axon It’s a bit thick and heavy. Samuel Axon Here’s the keyboard layout, which mirrors […]

Intel i9-10900K & i5-10600K Review & Benchmarks | Hardware Canucks

2020-05-31 By admin

[embedded content] It has been almost 10 months since the launch of AMD’s third-generation Ryzen processors, and those chips have been dominating Intel’s offerings. Intel was sitting there hoping that their Coffee Lake CPUs like the Core i9-9900K would compete against the best that AMD had to offer, but it wasn’t enough. What they are […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – A User Review After 70 Days!

2020-05-31 By admin

[embedded content] When you hear the term Ultra, you would typically associate that with the best or extreme or loaded. In fact, the term Ultra comes from Latin and it means beyond, so what happens when you slap that term to a product, especially a smartphone? Well, according to Samsung, this will change the photography […]

Zalman CNPS20X & CNPS17X Reviews

2020-05-31 By admin

[embedded content] In a surprising move we have two new coolers from Zalman, which we haven’t seen all that much of lately. The two air coolers are the CNPS17X and the CNPS20X, which is the bigger dual tower design heatsink. These brand new coolers popped onto our radar when we started seeing a few review […]

Finally Something DIFFERENT – Fractal Era ITX Case Review

2020-05-31 By admin

[embedded content] After much waiting, we finally have something fresh and different from Fractal Design, the Era ITX enclosure. It’s unlike anything we have seen from them yet and a new ITX case on the market is always exciting. This is especially true coming from a company that tries to cater to both mainstream and […]

A CPU Cooler You NEED To Know About! Scythe Fuma 2 Review

2020-05-31 By admin

[embedded content] Well it looks like air coolers might be a regular and reoccurring theme for us from now on, if we find cool stuff obviously. But then again it didn’t really work out that well for the Corsair A500 that we checked out recently. The subject for today’s review actually comes from your suggestions, […]

Get Your Retro Game On! XTRFY K4 Gaming Keyboard Review

2020-05-31 By admin

[embedded content] XTRFY have been in my good books ever since I reviewed the M4 ergonomic mouse. It’s affordable at $59 USD, extremely comfortable, driver-less, and is a good performer. Today though I’m reviewing the companion piece to the M4 mouse, the aptly named K4 TKL keyboard from XTRFY. You should keep your eyes on […]

Razer Viper Mini Review – The Best Small Gaming Mouse

2020-05-31 By admin

[embedded content] Razer continues to dominate in 2020 with their back to back release of awesome peripherals. It started with the Huntsman 2 TE, then we got the Razer Viper, the Viper Ultimate, and now the Razer Viper Mini mouse is everything I expected the mini Viper version to be. What makes it even more […]