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Crucial Unveils X9 Portable SSD: QLC for the Cost-Conscious Consumer

2023-09-27 By admin

Crucial entered the portable SSD market relatively late, with their X6 and X8 PSSDs being the mainstay for many years. Based on QLC NAND, they were marketed for read-intensive use-cases, though the generous amount of SLC cache ended up delivering good write performance too for mainstream consumers – particularly in the X8. Recently, the company […]

GlobalFoundries Applies for CHIPS Money to Expand U.S. Fabs

2023-09-26 By admin

GlobalFoundries has applied for financial support from the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act to expand its American manufacturing sites, the company said this week. The company intends to get federal grants and investment tax credits to upgrade facilities used to build chips for various applications, including automotive, aerospace, defense, and many other industries. GlobalFoundries’s initiative is in line with […]

Solidigm Introduces D7-P5810: 144L SLC NVMe Drive for Write-Intensive Workloads

2023-09-25 By admin

Solidigm’s datacenter SSD offerings have been clearly delineated into different categories – the D3- SATA offerings for legacy servers, the D5- QLC-based offerings (with different models offering different tradeoffs between cost and endurance), and the D7- NVMe drives for the best performance and endurance ratings. The company has been using TLC NAND in the D7 […]

ECS LIVA Q3D and ACEMAGIC T8 Plus micro-PCs Review: Jasper Lake and Alder Lake-N in a Smaller-than-UCFF Package

2023-09-21 By admin

Compact computing systems have gained significant market share over the last decade. Improvements in the performance per watt metric of processors have enabled the replacement of bulky desktop PCs by ultra-compact form-factor (UCFF) machines with a 4 in. x 4 in. footprint. Motivated by IoT applications at the edge, some companies such as Shuttle started […]

Asus Launches ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090: All a 4090 Can Be, For $3200

2023-09-21 By admin

When Asus teased its ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card back at Computex, it was clear that the company’s ambitions were to develop no less than the world’s fastest graphics card. The company meticulously described the card’s advanced printed circuit board design, voltage regulating module, and cooling system, but it never revealed two important […]