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Russian Crypto Industry Association Slams Government for Doing ‘Nothing’ to Regulate Sector

2021-10-24 By admin

The main organization representing participants in the Russian crypto space has lambasted authorities in Moscow for not doing enough to regulate the industry. The criticism comes four years after President Putin directed institutions to legally define the status of digital financial technologies. Regulators Accused of Failure to Take Russian Crypto Market Out of Shadow Russian […]

Cryptocurrency ATM Boom Comes to Colombia

2021-10-24 By admin

While Colombia is not a country that has embraced cryptocurrencies compared to Venezuela or some African countries, it is the country with the second most cryptocurrency ATMs in the Latam region. The reason behind this could be that Colombia has a high percentage of cash usage. This makes cryptocurrency ATMs a very important tool for […]

Bank of Russia Not Ready to Allow Bitcoin ETF Trading, Governor Says

2021-10-24 By admin

Central Bank of Russia isn’t prepared to admit a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) to the market, the head of the regulator, Elvira Nabiullina, told Russian media. Her statement, reaffirming the bank’s hardline stance on cryptocurrencies that has been recently criticized again, came after the debut of bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. Central Bank of Russia […]

Paris Hilton Lists a Few Pieces From Her NFT Collection via Sotheby’s Metaverse Marketplace

2021-10-24 By admin

Last week the leading luxury auction house Sotheby’s introduced its non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace called “Metaverse.” The Sotheby’s NFT marketplace has featured a number of collectible artworks including cards from the Rare Pepe card collection. Now the socialite Paris Hilton has introduced a few of her NFTs on Sotheby’s native NFT market featuring works from […]

Silta Finance – Competitive Interest Rates and Fast Due Diligence Draw Project Finance Company Towards Crypto Loans

2021-10-24 By admin

PRESS RELEASE. Silta Finance, a new DeFi lending solution, challenges traditional banking sector’s predominance in project finance by announcing a partnership with the Singapore headquartered development company WEnergy Global. WEnergy Global has agreed to explore cryptocurrency lending solutions to access project finance. The company is partnering with Silta, a new startup connecting DeFi with infrastructure […]

JPMorgan Sees ‘Bullish Outlook’ for Bitcoin as Inflation Concerns Push BTC Price Higher

2021-10-24 By admin

Global investment bank JPMorgan says inflation concerns are pushing the price of bitcoin to record highs, rather than interest in recently launched bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Noting that investors are pulling out of gold ETFs into bitcoin funds, the firm noted, “The flow shift remains intact supporting a bullish outlook for bitcoin into year-end.” […]

Thai Prime Minister Cautions Investors Getting Into Crypto as Interest in Digital Assets Soars

2021-10-24 By admin

The prime minister of Thailand has cautioned investors getting into cryptocurrencies, noting that they are volatile and highly speculative. Recently, interest in cryptocurrencies has soared as young investors in the country discovered that they could make money quickly by investing in cryptocurrencies. Thai Prime Minister Warns About Crypto Investing Ratchada Thanadirek, deputy spokeswoman for the […]

Mining Firm Titan Introduces Lumerin, a Project Aiming to Commodify Bitcoin’s Hashpower

2021-10-23 By admin

On October 21, the bitcoin mining pool operator Titan revealed a new decentralized hashpower routing protocol called Lumerin. The open-source project aims to commodify bitcoin’s hashpower “through smart contracts, making hashpower tradable.” Bloq’s Mining Arm Titan Announces the Lumerin Protocol The bitcoin mining operation Titan, a subsidiary of the company Bloq Inc., has announced its […]