Makerdao Co-Founder Proposes $14 Million Fund to Combat Climate Change; Crypto Supporters Mock Idea

Makerdao Co-Founder Proposes $14 Million Fund to Combat Climate Change; Crypto Supporters Mock Idea

Cryptocurrency advocates have been discussing a proposal by the founder of Makerdao, Rune Christensen, to fund a Scientific Sustainability Fund. An idea that aims to combat climate change and misinformation about energy solutions. Christensen is asking for 20,000 MKR tokens to move forward with the idea. The draft of the Maker Constitution was criticized on social media, with one person comparing Christensen’s idea to the Effective Altruism movement, which is backed by the controversial FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

Makerdao Co-Founder’s Climate Change Initiative Meets Mixed Reactions

A recent Makerdao Maker Improvement Proposal (MIP) by co-founder Rune Christensen proposes using 20,000 makerdao (MKR) tokens to fund a Scientific Sustainability Fund. According to Christensen, “Scientific Sustainability is a core principle of the Maker Constitution that recognizes the unique critical relationship between financial infrastructure and the global environmental risks of climate change,” This statement was made in a post on the Makerdao forum.

Christensen is a staunch climate change activist that wants the fund to combat “misinformation about energy solutions that have proven, real life track records of achieving scalable decarbonization.” At the time of writing, 20,000 makerdao (MKR) tokens is roughly around $14 million using today’s exchange rates.

Although Christensen believes the science of climate change is settled, there are still those who deny its existence and many people insist that there is “no climate disaster.” Some crypto advocates have mocked Christensen’s plan, with one calling the proposal “trash” and its advocates “thieves destroying value for MKR holders.” Another individual questioned the use of a stablecoin project to combat climate change.

One person commented that it “looks like Rune has gone full Effective Altruism,” referring to the movement promoted by the former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. In response to this comment, another asked, “Why doesn’t he use his own money instead of the MKR treasury?” While some people liked Christensen’s idea, others recommended that Makerdao partner with Klimadao, a climate finance project.

What do you think of Makerdao Co-Founder Rune Christensen’s proposal to combat climate change through a $14 million Scientific Sustainability Fund? Share your thoughts in the comments below.