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Phishing Attacks grew by 29% in 2021 overall. Smishing is on the rise

2022-04-24 By admin

Phishing attacks have grown by 29% in 2021 when compared to 2020 according to an analysis by Zscaler’s ThreatLabz research team. The researchers analyzed data from over 200 billion daily transactions and 150 million daily blocked attacks, and released the findings in the 2022 ThreatLabz Phishing Report. The report, which is available here for download […]

Microsoft Defender’s protective capabilities suffer offline

2022-04-22 By admin

Microsoft Defender, the default security solutions on modern versions of the Windows operating system, has been doing well in recent antivirus tests of independent organizations such as AV-Comparatives. In 2019, it was revealed that Windows Defender had a market share of more than 50% already on Windows. The most recent test by AV-Comparatives confirm the […]

Millions of Lenovo devices affected by BIOS vulnerability

2022-04-20 By admin

Millions of Lenovo notebooks are affected by a serious BIOS vulnerability. Lenovo informed its customers about the vulnerability on its support website this week. The company released firmware updates for some of the affected devices already and plans to release the remaining updates in early May. Lenovo reveals on the website that several of its […]

Microsoft Office 2013 support ends on April 11, 2023

2022-04-19 By admin

Microsoft Office 2013 will reach its end of servicing on April 11, 2023. The standalone Office suite won’t receive security updates anymore after the end of support date. Customers who run Office 2013 on their devices may continue using the product as its core functionality will work just like before the end of support date. […]

Workaround for security issue in 7-Zip until it is fixed

2022-04-18 By admin

Recent versions of the open source archiver 7-Zip have a vulnerability that has not been fixed yet. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability allows privilege escalation and the execution of commands; it appears that the issue can be exploited locally only. Filed under CVE-2022-29072, the vulnerability is using the included 7-Zip Help file, 7-zip.chm, for the […]

Muting videoconferencing apps may not prevent them from listening

2022-04-17 By admin

Videoconferencing solutions have seen a huge boost since 2020. Workers and students started to work or learn from home, and communicated with others using videoconferencing services. Videoconferencing relies on camera and microphone access, and it appears that the built-in controls to mute the microphone are not always preventing apps from listening and sending data. Sometimes, […]

How to clone a Windows 11 system disk for free

2022-04-15 By admin

This guide walks you through the steps of cloning the system disk (or any other disk) of a Windows 11 PC for free. The method should work on devices running previous versions of Windows as well. I bought a new Windows 11 PC this week for Office work and noticed that the Solid State Drive […]

How to detect the Windows Tarrask Malware that uses a bug to avoid detection

2022-04-13 By admin

Microsoft published information about a new malware on its security website on April 12, 2022. The malware, named Tarrask, exploits a bug in Windows’ task scheduling system to evade detection. Tarrask is used by the hacking group Hafnium, which targeted telecommunication, Internet Service Providers and the data services sector in the past. The group uses […]

The Top 10 requested OneDrive features

2022-03-28 By admin

Microsoft’s OneDrive file syncing and hosting service is built-into the Windows operating system. It is available on many platforms and anyone may sign-up for it to use it. The service and its applications have seen many iterations throughout the years. Microsoft introduced new apps and designs, added features and removed some. Microsoft users may post […]