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RustDoor malware targets macOS users by posing as a Visual Studio Update

2024-02-12 By admin

A new malware called RustDoor is targeting macOS users. The malware has been undetected for 3 months, and poses as a Microsoft Visual studio Update. ADVERTISEMENT The malware was discovered by Bitdefender. A report by the popular antivirus maker says that RustDoor, is written in the Rust programming language. Bitdefender products identify the malware as […]

KeePass 2.56 released: options search and history improvements

2024-02-05 By admin

The developer of the free password manager KeePass has released version 2.56 of the Windows application. KeePass is a local password manager by default; this means that it does not require a cloud account or cloud connectivity. It is possible to use sync functionality, but this is completely optional. ADVERTISEMENT The release comes less than […]

LibreOffice 24.2 released: enables automatic recovery of documents

2024-01-31 By admin

The Document Foundation has released a new version of the open source Office application LibreOffice. LibreOffice 24.2 is already available for all supported platforms. Existing installations of LibreOffice may inform users about the update on the next run. ADVERTISEMENT Selecting Help > Check for updates is an option to run a manual check for updates. […]

Microsoft adds support for link previews in Word for the web

2024-01-21 By admin

Microsoft Word for the web has gained a new feature. The online version of the word processor now supports link previews in documents. ADVERTISEMENT Users who are familiar with Word Online and the offline version of Word will know that the program can be used to create hyperlinks. These appear as normal links in the […]

70 million account credentials were leaked in a massive password dump

2024-01-18 By admin

A security researcher has unearthed what appears to be one of the biggest password dumps ever. Over 70 million unique credentials have been leaked on the dark web. ADVERTISEMENT The news came to light when Troy Hunt, the owner of the popular breach notification service, Have I Been Pwned, wrote about the massive data leak […]

Bitwarden: how to create and use Passkeys to sign in

2024-01-11 By admin

Bitwarden users have a number of options already when it comes to signing-in to their vaults. They can use a master password and improve security by adding a two-factor authentication option to the process. Supported are two-factor authentication providers and apps among other things. ADVERTISEMENT Now, there is also the option to create a passkey […]

LastPass is enforcing some security changes to user accounts

2024-01-04 By admin

LastPass is making some changes to enhance the security of its to user accounts. The news comes as a follow-up to the company’s plans to enforce stronger passwords a few months ago. ADVERTISEMENT A brief recap of the LastPass security breaches LastPass has had a disastrous couple of years following two major data breaches that […]

Its Groundhog Day at Microsoft! Vulnerability patched again

2023-12-29 By admin

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? Bull Murray plays a rather self-centered weatherman who finds himself in a time loop on Groundhog Day. ADVERTISEMENT Windows administrators may have similar feelings to Murray’s in regards to vulnerability CVE-2021-43890. First patched in December 2021, Microsoft announced in December 2023 that it has detected attacks in the wild and […]

The most popular passwords of 2023 are easy to guess and crack

2023-12-26 By admin

Each year, analysts at various Internet security companies release lists of the most used (and known) passwords. These lists are based on leaked password database data. ADVERTISEMENT The passwords that are on these lists may act as a warning for any Internet and electronic device user. It should have the title “don’t use these passwords”, […]

Protect your Discord account with a Security Key

2023-12-16 By admin

Users of the chat app Discord may now protect their accounts using security keys. The developers of Discord have added the option to the existing arsenal of multi-factor authentication options that the service supports. ADVERTISEMENT Used by over 500 million users worldwide, Discord is a lucrative target for malicious attacks such as phishing. Discord users […]