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Audacity drops plans to introduce Telemetry

2021-05-16 By admin

Plans to add Telemetry to the open source audio editor Audacity have been dropped according to a new post on the project’s official GitHub repository. The intention to add Telemetry was revealed in a post on the site in early May 2021. There, developers revealed that they wanted to introduce Telemetry in Audacity to focus […]

Custom browser protocol handlers may be used for fingerprinting

2021-05-14 By admin

When you install certain applications on your desktop systems, so-called custom protocol handlers may be added. These are used to launch the application in question, e.g. to initiate a Skype call or open a game on Steam. Popular applications such as Skype, Spotify, Discord, WhatsApp, TeamViewer, or Slack make use of custom protocols. Sites may […]

Lively Wallpaper 1.5 with taskbar theming support released

2021-05-13 By admin

Lively Wallpaper 1.5 has just been released. The new version of the open source wallpaper application for Windows introduces support for taskbar theming. I reviewed Lively Wallpaper back in December 2020 and concluded that it was one of the best wallpaper programs for Microsoft’s Windows operating system.  The app supports static and animated wallpapers, and […]

FragAttacks: vulnerabilities that affect Wi-Fi devices

2021-05-12 By admin

Security researcher Mathy Vanhoef discovered several security vulnerabilities that affect most Wi-Fi devices. The collection of attacks, called FragAttacks, which stands for fragmentation and aggregation attacks, requires that that attacker is within range of the wireless network. Three of the discovered vulnerabilities are “design flaws in the Wi-Fi standard” according to Vanhoef, and therefore affecting […]

How to download MSI Afterburner

2021-05-12 By admin

MSI Afterburner is an excellent program for video cards, not only cards by MSI, that can best be described as an overlocking/underclocking utility for Windows with extra features baked into the application. My first review of MSI Afterburner dates back to 2010, followed by a tutorial in 2011 on recording game video using the software. […]

KeePass 2.48 update includes an upgraded password database file format

2021-05-08 By admin

The developer of the password manager KeePass released an update to KeePass 2.48 recently. The new version of the versatile includes a new version of the password database file format that KeePass uses to store passwords. KDBX 4.1 introduces several new features, for example group tagging or disabling the password quality estimation feature to exclude […]

Repair PDF Documents with PDF Fixer

2021-05-01 By admin

PDF Fixer is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices designed to repair PDF documents that are corrupt and cannot be opened anymore in PDF viewers. Having to deal with PDF documents that won’t open in PDF viewers is quite a frustrating experience, especially if you need to view the file or at least […]

Photo Anonymizer: remove image metadata to improve your privacy

2021-04-22 By admin

Photo Anonymizer is a new free software program for Microsoft Windows by the German software company ASCOMP Software GMBH. The free program removes traces from image files, e.g. photos or downloaded images, to improve a user’s privacy. Photos and images may contain metadata that may reveal information that some users may not want to reveal; […]