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Massive Fake Website Campaign Spreading Malware detected

2022-10-24 By admin

Security researchers have detected a big malware campaign that is using fake websites to impersonate popular products and brands to spread malware. So-called typosquatting attacks register domain names that resemble the domain names of legitimate products. Many times, only a single character is different, added or removed from the domain name. While observant Internet users […]

Microsoft adds RSS feed support to its Security Update Guide service

2022-10-17 By admin

Microsoft’s Security Update Guide site is a core service when it comes to information about security information and updates that Microsoft releases. Up until now, users could sign-up using an account to receive notifications about new vulnerabilities added to Microsoft’s database. Microsoft disabled the legacy Security Notification Service in September 2022 in favor of a […]

Microsoft rebrands most of “Office” to Microsoft 365

2022-10-14 By admin

When you think about Microsoft products, it is probably Windows, Office and Xbox that come to your mind first. While the company has plenty of other products, most are minor when compared to the three heavyweights. Microsoft announced changes to the company’s Office brand this week. According to Microsoft, most of Office is going to […]

OneDrive DLL Sideloading vulnerability exploited in the wild

2022-10-06 By admin

Security services provider BitDefender published information about a DLL sideloading vulnerability of OneDrive that is exploited in the wild. According to the information, malicious actors exploit the vulnerability to mine cryptocurrency on successfully exploited machines. DLL hijacking is a common occurrence on Windows. Windows uses a priority system to determine from which location a DLL […]

LastPass provides details on August 2022 hack

2022-09-18 By admin

LastPass informed customers about a security breach on the company’s official blog in August 2022. This week, the company published additional information about the hack after its investigation. Back in August 2022, LastPass informed customers that it noticed unusual activity in the development environment. It noticed relatively quickly that a third-party managed to obtain access […]

Microsoft Teams is storing authentication tokens in cleartext

2022-09-16 By admin

A security vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft Teams. A report that was published by security firm Vectra, reveals that Microsoft Teams is storing authentication tokens in cleartext. Microsoft Teams security issue The vulnerability is present in the desktop versions of Teams for Windows, macOS and Linux. Threat actors who have local (physical) or remote […]

Bitwarden password manager adds Fastmail email forwarding support

2022-09-14 By admin

Bitwarden is a popular choice when it comes to password managers. A late entry to the niche, it is open source, free for personal use and does not restrict functionality artificially for free accounts. Customers may subscribe to gain access to additional features though. The password manager supports a rich feature set, including support for […]

HP Support Assistant has a DLL Hijacking Vulnerability

2022-09-08 By admin

HP Support Assistant is a software program that is included on HP computers and notebooks. The program is also available as a standalone download; customers who use HP peripherals, such as printers or scanners, may install it to manage these devices on non-HP PCs. HP published a HP Support Assistant security advisory on its website […]