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Intel, what HAPPENED? Core i5 vs i7 Laptop Performance

2021-07-15 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents If you are currently in the market looking to buy a thin-and-light laptop chances you are just bombarded with a lot of options from different manufacturers with both Intel and AMD processors. AMD just recently announced their Ryzen 5000 H-series of CPU’s for gaming laptops and the 5000 U-series for […]

Razer Blackshark V2 X – After 6 Months, THIS happened…

2021-07-15 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents Something we want to do more of is long-term coverage, not just for smartphones, but for a wider range of products. I see so many comments on our Razer reviews talking about long-term quality concerns, which is totally legitimate. Like we have these parts for 1 to 2 weeks before […]

From GTX 960 to RTX 3060 – FINALLY Time to Upgrade

2021-07-15 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents It’s time for another GPU launch, and I know what’s probably going through your minds right now: This is yet again another graphics card that you just can’t buy. Well we will just have to wait and see what the stock situation is like for the RTX 3060, but I’m […]

The BEST Gaming Headphone Amps/DACs Right Now!

2021-07-15 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents Today we are taking a look at the best gaming DAC/amps that I have collected over time. These external sound cards give you the convenience of physical volume control, interesting audio features, and a microphone input. I have always said that gaming audio is just as important as having proper […]

External Drives vs SSD vs HDD for GAMING – What You Need to Know

2021-07-15 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents Those of you who have been following the channel for a while might remember a little video that I did more than 3 years ago that basically talked about my experience gaming on an external drive. Since then game sizes have ballooned in size, way past the 150GB mark, in […]

Core i5-11600K vs Ryzen 5 5600X – Intel Desperation

2021-07-13 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents Even before Rocket Lake launched it has been like watching a slow motion dumpster fire from Day 1. First, there was Intel’s being curb stomped by Zen 3 last year, then because of a totally broken roadmap they admitted to being forced to use a bizarre mashup of a 2019 […]

The Best Lightweight Gaming Mice of 2021

2021-07-13 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents There have been so many fantastic, lightweight, affordable mice releases in the market lately, and I want to cover some of the ones that have been flying under the radar but are actually worth considering. Basically, if you are looking for a lightweight option you have come to the right […]

Cool Laptop Accessories You’ve Never Heard Of!

2021-07-13 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents Let’s say that you get the majority of your work done on a laptop, and you are looking for some cool accessories to compliment your everyday computing task. Well you are in luck because that is what this article is all about. We went on a shopping spree to find […]

Razer Orochi V2 Review – The PERFECT Wireless Gaming Mouse

2021-07-13 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents The Razer Orochi V2 is going to be a really exciting mouse, especially for people who wants something that will last forever is different than a Logitech G305 or SteelSeries Rival 3/ Aerox 3. This new mouse is Razer’s approach to something thing that is mobile, has fantastic performance, and […]

This Gaming Laptop Does EVERYTHING!

2021-07-07 By admin

[embedded content] Table of contents You’ve seen a 2-in-1 laptop before, you know the one that switches between laptop mode and tablet mode when you tilt the screen 180 degrees around. Well what happens when you add a little bit of gaming DNA to that? That is the ROG Flow X13, a device that takes […]