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Brazilian Congress Fails to Vote on Cryptocurrency Bill, Next Discussion Scheduled for September

2022-08-08 By admin

The Brazilian Congress failed to address a proposed cryptocurrency bill this week. While the proposed public policy was indeed on the agenda, the deputy chamber focused on discussing bills that tend to other issues, including health and digital education problems. The digital currency bill is scheduled to be discussed again in September. Brazilian Congress Sidelines […]

Dozen Crypto Companies Await Portugal License Despite Bank Account Closures

2022-08-08 By admin

The central bank of Portugal is now reviewing 12 requests from businesses that want to provide crypto-related services in the country. The applications are pending decision amid recent reports that some commercial banks are closing accounts of already approved operators. Binance Among Cryptocurrency Platforms Seeking Authorization in Portugal Portugal’s monetary authority is currently evaluating requests […]

The Number of Cryptocurrency ATMs Installed Worldwide Surpasses 39,000

2022-08-08 By admin

This week the number of cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs) operating worldwide has surpassed the 39,000 mark. Since January 2017 when the count was approaching 1K machines, the number of crypto ATMs has grown by 3,925% since then. Crypto ATM numbers saw exponential growth during the last 23 months since September 1, 2020, when there […]

Renowned Investor Jim Rogers Warns Governments Want to Control Crypto — ‘They Want to Regulate Everything’

2022-08-08 By admin

Veteran investor Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund with billionaire investor George Soros, has warned about cryptocurrency, stating that “if and when all our money is on our computer, it’s going to be government money.” Nonetheless, he noted that his wife invests in crypto. Jim Rogers’ Crypto Warning Famed investor Jim Rogers shared his […]

Nepal Prepares to Issue Digital Currency, Drafts Necessary Amendments

2022-08-07 By admin

A task force in Nepal has proposed legal changes allowing the country’s central bank to issue its own digital currency. The move comes after a study indicated that such an initiative is feasible and recommended certain provisions that would authorize the regulator to proceed with its realization. Nepal Central Bank Prepares Legal Ground for National […]