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Solana-Based DEX Soldex AI, CEO John Robertson Explains the Impact

2021-09-30 By admin

One of the backbones of crypto market in today’s world are decentralized exchanges that took the world by the storm in recent years. And as the crypto exchange market is moving and developing rapidly, it is absolutely no surprise that the exchanges have to evolve in accordance. Therefore, today, The CEO of, John Robertson […]

CFTC Charges 14 Trading Platforms Offering Crypto-Related Investments

2021-09-30 By admin

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has charged 14 trading platforms that claim to offer crypto-related investments but have either failed to register with the CFTC or falsely claimed to be registered. These websites also exhibit other signs of being scams. 14 Entities Charged by CFTC After charging major cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, the Commodity Futures […]

Terra to Apply Columbus 5 Mainnet Migration

2021-09-30 By admin

Terra, a top 15-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is planning to apply the Columbus 5 upgrade to its mainnet today. If everything goes according to plan, this new update will bring improvements to allow the Terra network to keep expanding. Columbus 5 will change how the network mints UST (terrausd), the main stablecoin of the […]