Day: May 14, 2022

Number of Busted Illegal Crypto Mining Farms in Iran Nears 7,000

2022-05-14 By admin

Authorities in Iran have shut down close to 7,000 unauthorized facilities for cryptocurrency mining in the past two years, local media revealed. According to a report, most of the illegal bitcoin farms were concentrated in five provinces of the Islamic Republic, including Tehran. Iran Continues Crackdown on Unlicensed Cryptocurrency Mining Iranian officials have unplugged and […]

Save 16% off a 1-Yr subscription to Landbot Start Plan

2022-05-14 By admin

Today’s highlighted deal comes via our Apps + Software section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 16% off a 1-Yr subscription to Landbot. Convert leads, capture data, and personalize client journeys real-time with the most powerful no-code chatbot builder. Want to generate more leads, collect feedback instantly or automate customer support? Wish […]

American Financial Infidelity Report: 2 out of 5 Survey Respondents Hid Their Crypto Purchases

2022-05-14 By admin

A recent survey study has found that two out of five Americans in committed relationships have admitted to hiding a cryptocurrency purchase from their partner. The crypto-cheating partners believe disclosing the purchase would damage their relationship. Reasons for Not Disclosing Purchases A Circuit survey study that sought to determine the extent of financial infidelity among […]